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Fifth International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Power Systems and Energy Markets (IATEM 2016)

A workshop of the 27th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2016)

September 5-8, 2016, Porto, Portugal


The electrical power industry provides the production and delivery of electricity to consumers through a power grid. Electricity is most often produced at power stations, transmitted at high-voltages to multiple substations near populated areas, and distributed at medium and low-voltages to consumers. Traditional power systems were primarily designed to provide energy under efficient and secure conditions. However, the global increase on electricity demand and the corresponding need to invest in modern power systems, gives added urgency to several other major goals, including sustainability, reliability, and mainly the achievement of reduced health and environmental impact.

Wholesale power markets are essentially systems for exchanging electricity, ancillary services, and capacity in the bulk power system, which includes the interconnected resources at the high-voltage level. Retail power markets are systems for exchanging electricity and services at the lower-voltage distribution level. In wholesale markets, competing generators can offer their electricity output to retailers. By contrast, retail markets allow end-use customers to choose their supplier from competing electricity retailers. These competitive power markets are also undergoing several important transformations or reforms, notably technical, environmental and economic reforms.

The main purpose of this 4rd international workshop is to provide a high-profile, internationally respected discussion forum, on recent and innovative work in the areas of power systems and energy markets that can benefit most from Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will present high-quality scientific research addressing the landscape of challenges (and opportunities) involved in achieving a new generation of power systems and energy markets: one which integrates emerging technologies (e.g. smart grids, distributed generation, storage, demand response, etc.) and make use of AI methods and techniques.

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